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greetings, welcome to placeholder.

a zine from within, without rules

welcome. my name is anna and I am the zine lord. placeholder is the product of the void left in my soul by the post-grad covid-19 world. while retaining elements of academia, aesthetics, and innovative thought, placeholder is a free form space for personal expression. all are welcome to contribute their personal musings, whether they be art, creative or academic writing, or another type of project. this is a radically authentic and inclusive space. 

publication format

seeing as placeholder has few to no rules, there are no themes, deadlines, or set print dates. submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. as long as your work does not inflict harm on any one or thing, it is acceptable. your work must be completely original. any collaborators must be credited. submissions may be posted to this website or the placeholder instagram at the zine lord’s discretion.

I do not envision putting placeholder into print. once enough submissions accumulate, I will assemble them into an e-zine. in the interest of sustainability (both financially and environmentally), it will remain exclusively electronic and virtually distributed.

disciplines of interest

  • social justice
  • sustainability
  • critical theory
  • spirituality
  • wellness
  • anthropology
  • sociology
  • arts
  • independent music
  • popular media
  • diversity, representation, and inclusion
  • travel
suggested types of submissions
  • critical writing
  • creative writing
  • poetry
  • recipes
  • astrology
  • how-to guides
  • visual art
  • music
  • interviews
  • reviews
  • anything your heart desires

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